Monday, May 3, 2010

Savannah Babymoon

Damian and I returned from a wonderful trip to Savannah to celebrate our first anniversary, and to take some time for ourselves before our little guy comes. It was fantastic, start to finish! Savannah was completely beautiful, and we had a great time! We enjoyed the distinctive architecture during our many (many, many) walks around the Historic District. We stayed at the Savannah Bed & Breakfast Inn for the duration of our trip- Saturday through Wednesday. Damian and I both enjoyed one particular candy shop- we went there so many times that they eventually stopped IDing me. That's really saying something in a busy tourist town like that! We ate in several restaurants, including Paula Deen's "The Lady & Sons" and one called Tubby's. I was very excited to eat at a restaurant called Tubby's because that was the nickname my Grandpa gave my Grandma! Yes, it was a joke nickname- my lovely Grandma has always been quite svelte! For both Damian and I, our favorite part of the trip was having some quiet time together while strolling in the gorgeous parks- gotta love the big oak trees dripping with Spanish moss! So many wonderful memories!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Ultrasound Pics

Here's the latest photos of our little guy! He seems to be growing more each day, and continues to be very active...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's a baby...

We had our ultrasound today & are thrilled to announce that we are expecting a BOY!!! Everything looks very healthy with mom and our little guy. Ultrasound pics to come soon!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

So, we have been megabusy! This has been the first weekend I've been home in about a month. Since my last entry we had a fantastic trip to visit Justin and Mary in Chicago. Their new place was beautiful and we had a ton of fun with them! While we were in Chicago it was decided that I would fly out to Albuquerque to be some extra help for Heather and Jeremy as they prepared for baby Millie's arrival. We got back from our weekend with Justin and Mary Sunday night, did a load of laundry & packed again, worked a half day, THEN hopped a plane to ABQ by noon the next day! Crazy and wonderful. I spent nearly a week playing with Annie, while H & J focused on the business of bringing happy, healthy baby Millie into the world. Everything went perfectly, and Heather was the picture of strength. It was a thrill to meet Millie, and spend time with people I love! I even kept up with paperwork, emails, and phone calls while I was out there, so I barely skipped a beat with work. Phew! When I returned from my trip out West, I discovered that Damian has been hard at work at home. A few weeks ago, we began painting our master bedroom suite. Well, Damian was painting, I did prep work because of the baby. Anyway, he had made some huge strides while I was away! What a guy! It has been a huge job because we decided to paint all of the trim, and all of the doors. Damian also switched out all of the outlets and light switches to help update the look of the room. Last weekend we headed up to N. Ridgeville to see the gang up there and meet new baby Gabi (yes, two new nieces in 3 days- pretty wonderful)! We then swung by my Grandma's house to celebrate my Mom's birthday. I might have eaten my body weight in Grandma's homemade chocolate cake frosting- it is the stuff dreams are made of! This weekend we stuck around C-bus. Friday night, Damian and I had a dinner date, and Saturday we continued work on our bedroom. Saturday morning was very special because it was the first time Damian was able to feel our baby kick! Today, Damian has been working like a fiend to get our room done, and I took a break from the work in the middle of the day to see a movie with my Mom. Busy, busy, busy! This Tuesday we have a BIG ultrasound- we find out the baby's gender! I have a strong suspicion about what we're having, but realistically I know that I am not basing my belief on any facts whatsoever. We shall see on the ultrasound- stay tuned!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's official!!! We're having a baby! We're due on July 31st, so we reached 13 weeks pregnant yesterday. On Friday we had another ultrasound. In the ultrasound we had at 8 weeks the baby looked just like a bean, and the only movement was the heartbeat. Friday's ultrasound was quite different- it was clearly a human baby, and more specifically, an acrobat. The baby jumped, kicked, and I swear...waved at us. I shouldn't be surprised, considering that this baby is half me, and half Damian. It was just amazing because I falsely assumed that the baby would be doing a lazy backstroke in there, but the reality is that they are already doing a jig. Things should get even more interesting when I'll be able to feel the baby in a month or so. Both the doctor and the ultrasound technician enthusiastically told us that everything is looking fantastic with our little one!

Monday, January 18, 2010

New House

Welcome to our new blog! We have enjoyed staying up-to-date with our loved ones through their blogs, and recently decided to start one of our own.

Just before the holidays, Damian and I moved into our first home. It has been a great adventure already, and we look forward to making many happy memories in our new environment. Unlike our old apartment, we now have plenty of space. Damian has been working on making the finished basement his own with an office, a workout space, and a TV area. I am beyond thrilled to be using our loft area as my art studio. In my opinion, the biggest improvement over our apartment is our new kitchen. I am now able to open the fridge and the dishwasher at the same time! Not sure why I'd want to, but it is nice to know I could. I used to compare cooking in the apartment to cooking in a submarine, so you can imagine my delight! Damian has been busy with many projects around the house. Today, for example, he has been fixing the hot tub. It had been working when we moved in. Over the last few days Damian has been researching hot tub maintanence, and cleaning out any funk left over from the previous owners. All was going quite well with the tub, until it started to smell like burning plastic and eventually quit working. Keep your fingers crossed, but it looks like Damian may have fixed it already (with Dad's help). I'm pretty impressed!

We are also really excited to be living on a pond, especially inside the greater Columbus area. We've been told that it's good for fishing, and the neighborhood kids iceskate on it when it freezes over. There is a ton of wildlife around; rabbits, ducks, herron, etc. We have been warned that the geese are the only real nuisance. The previous owner was known in the neighborhood as the "Goose Man". He had a special "goose stick" that he would wildly wave through the air while screaming and chasing after them. I have not yet spoken with the homeowners association about potential job opening, but I am hoping to get named "Goose Lady" when the geese return this spring. A girl can dream.

We have already enjoyed having many visitors, and looking forward to having many more!